Key Shifts in Retail | Part 3: Return to Retail Therapy

November 18, 2019
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Key Shifts in Retail | Return to Retail Therapy: from Manic Sprees to Phygital Convenience

Holiday shopping is typically framed as a hectic experience – the Black Friday phenomenon has spread far and wide, with shoppers trained to adopt a ‘survivor’ mentality in exchange for mega-discounts, multi-buys and ultra-cheap products.

In contrast to the usual mad rush of holiday shopping, retailers are increasingly looking to bring fun and convenience back to the shopping experience – offering ‘phygital’ solutions to provide tailored, hassle-free shopping.

Key examples:

NomadX is a multi-label store at CapitaLand, Singapore. NomadX assigns shoppers personalized routes through the store based on results from a brief survey, placing them in one of 4 tribes – the Enigmatic Shopper, the Conquer It All shopper, the Love The Earth Shopper or the Live It Up Shopper. They are also offered the chance to register for facial recognition, seamlessly logging their visits to win prizes, as well as receiving tailor-made deals and relevant products.

Microsoft and PopcornApps are working with Harvey Norman to deliver Synchronized Shopping. Users discuss their requirements with an AI assistant which identifies suitable products and lists where they are stocked. When users are near a Harvey Norman store that stocks their product, they are notified by the app based on geo-location data. The app then guides them to the shelf where the product is on display.

Chanel’s new Atelier Beauté in Soho, NYC, is turning the traditional retail experience on its head. Shoppers encounter Chanel’s products and services in a physical retail environment, before making their purchases later online. The Atelier itself is entirely experiential – shoppers go in for make-up lessons, skin routine guidance, and the opportunity to sample Chanel products. They then leave the Atelier, getting time to make decisions about their purchases, before ordering in the digital store.
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