Key Shifts in Everyday Luxury, part 10: From Niche Services to Holistic Lifestyles

October 23, 2019
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Our series on the key shifts happening in everyday luxury continues with shift 10:

Everyday Luxury: Key Cultural Shift 10

From Niche Services

A core, dominant feature of everyday luxury is bespoke specialization: luxury clothing boutiques selling carefully curated collections, high-end salons specializing in single services and specialist fitness studios offering limited classes.

Dominant examples: 

Universal Works offer capsule-style menswear in specialist boutiques.

Equinox gyms promote their exclusive clubs and facilities – giving consumers exclusive access to the specialist fitness solutions e.g. ‘boost your performance with our RMT® clubs—the same equipment used by professional athletes’, ‘compete in rapid-fire drills on our BOSU™ domes.'

To Holistic Lifestyles

More emergently, however, brands are expanding their offerings to provide holistic services. Here, brands are framed as lifestyle managers, committed to providing quality services that meet the holistic needs of their consumers, all in one place.

Emergent examples:

Norn members’ club offers a travel experiences, including co-living with other members selected on ‘curiosity and contribution,’ an offline programme of events, and conversation ‘happenings,’ aiming to take care of members’ social and cultural needs as well as their living and working space.

Hygge Box is a monthly subscription box with items to help consumers replicate the cozy feeling of hygge, from candles and cookies to books and bath salts.

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