DIGBIE: cultural data for innovation and growth

October 25, 2019
Canopy Views

Last week, after many months in development, we launched our bespoke research technology – DIGBIE.

DIGBIE helps us and our clients to plan and conduct rigorous analysis of mass cultural data on a global scale, across demographic groups of our choice.

We’ve been using DIGBIE in-house for some time to facilitate our research and corroborate our findings.

After much success, and its popularity among our clients, we’ve recently expanded its application, enhancing Canopy’s offer.  

We’ve been putting DIGBIE to use for a range of additional functions, including:

·      INSPIRING CREATIVITY – DIGBIE gives us vast, global data sets at our fingertips, so we can provide clients with rapid, responsive support for pitches and new business

·      OPTIMISING RESEARCH – DIGBIE identifies the most salient questions for our clients to take into research

·      GENERATING IDEAS – DIGBIE allows our clients to develop creative platforms to explore in ideation sessions

·      LOCATING FLASHPOINTS – DIGBIE can instantly locate the most important geographic areas of cultural change

·      GUIDING GROWTH – DIGBIE has access to global, national, regional and local data, allowing us to access precise demographic data, and advise our clients on the best locations for growth

We are really excited about how DIGBIE can support our existing and future clients. If you have an idea about a current or upcoming project which would benefit from cultural analysis underpinned by live geographic and demographic data, then get in touch

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